The Paper Street Journal curates and showcases works of short fiction and creative prose, poetry, essays/reviews/notes/photo-essays, art, photography, and music. If your work is selected for the Journal, it will appear in our digital publication and online webitorials. A traditional literary cover letter isn’t required, just some warm salutations, your name, and your work.

The Journal has a rolling deadline, which means that your submission, if selected, could appear in an Issue of the Journal within a twelve month window. Because of the incredible number of submissions we receive, we regret that we cannot answer all e-mails, but rest assured your work has been seen and you will hear from us in a timely fashion if we are interested.

Please note that the Paper Street Journal does not provide free copies or compensation for submissions.

All creative works can be forwarded as an attachment to our team by e-mail:


Short Fiction & Creative Prose

  • Unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished works
  • Word count depends on space and formatting within a given issue of the Journal
  • Serialized works are acceptable. These should be submitted as a complete work in a single submission
  • Word (.doc) or (.docx) files only
  • Not limited to a specific subject, format, or genre
  • Accompanying images in (.jpeg) format


  • Unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished works
  • No more than 500 lines
  • Word (.doc) or (.docx) files only
  • Accompanying images in (.jpeg) format

Essays, Reviews, Notes, & Photo Essays

  • Unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished works
  • No more than 3,000 words
  • Cited using proper MLA formatting
  • Word (.doc) or (.docx) files only
  • Accompanying images in (.jpeg) format


  • Unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished works or reviews
  • Artist interviews must be accompanied by original photographs of artist/’s work
  • Accompanying images in (.jpeg) format
  • Word (.doc) and (.docx) files only


  • Unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished works
  • Original photographs must be at least 300dpi
  • Various file sizes and formats are acceptable
  • Obvious explicit content will not be accepted

Music & Audio Files

  • Original recordings must be in (.mp3) format
  • Spoken-Word or voice recordings are acceptable for submission
  • Artist/Music interviews must conform to proper interviewing formatting according to proper MLA guidelines
  • Exceptions will be made for previously published work on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc.

*The PSJ will accept a short (>50 words) biography/cover letter attached alongside submissions, as well as website links to the artist’s homepage.
*Please refrain from sending files via Dropbox.


Essays & Criticism

Essays and criticism make welcomed editions to our blog and, depending on the feel of the piece, as part of an upcoming issue of The Journal. Topics to be considered include CanLit, theory, musings about art, process, and composition, the arts in social media and the digital age, and cultural criticism in general. Please refer to the MLA guidelines for a deeper discussion about style and form.


Titles should be cleared with the editors prior to review and submission. Albums, podcasts, films, and other media are open for review and submission. In fact, we are keen to publish critical, top-notch essays on titles that are, traditionally, ignored by the mainstream. Titles for review should be recent and full citations given where necessary (as per MLA guidelines).


Instagram Photo Submissions 

Simply tag @paperstreetjournal in your photo or e-mail us directly ( with your image and Instagram handle. All work will be credited if selected, of course. Note that you’re more than welcome to re-gram the shots once they’ve been posted, with a link back to @paperstreetjournal.