About Us

The Paper Street Journal is an online, annual arts publication based out of Hamilton, ON, Canada. We curate and showcase works of short fiction and creative prose, poetry, essays/reviews/notes/photo-essays, art, photography, and music from artists around the world.

The Journal was founded in early 2014 by McMaster University graduates Jesse Dorey, James Puntillo, and Eric Tarquinio. Since its inception, the PSJ has grown into an internationally known online publisher. The caliber of artists who’ve previously been featured in the Journal is a testament to its breadth and quality. In addition to editing, reviewing, and publishing works of art across a number of vastly unique mediums for a wide audience, the Journal maintains a strong community focus and social media presence.



Co-Founders/Senior Editors

Jesse Dorey
James Puntillo
Eric Tarquinio

Chief Editors

Nichole Fanara (Short Fiction)
Julia Empey (Poetry)
Jenna Shamoon (Art)
Stephanie Ionni (Photography)
Gregory Cain (Music)
Jesse Dorey (Reviews)


Kevin Malton
Eric Rausch
Jesse Wright
Rachel Dengate
Miguel Sa
Julia Empey
Zana Kozomora
Stephanie Ionni
Alexis Moline
Jenna Shamoon
Alex DePaulo